Environmental Laws and Policy

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The Ag Center is the "first stop" for information on environmental requirements that affect the agricultural community. Online documents include publications about pollution prevention and environmental compliance aids originating with EPA and other sources.

USDA. Economic Research Service.

ERS analysts examine the economic effects of current farm legislation on producers, consumers, taxpayers and rural communities, and evaluate potential effects of alternative policies and programs. ERS provides highlights and summaries of important new programs and provisions, as well as some economic implications of the 2018 Farm Act, in policy areas such as Specialty Crops; Organic Agriculture; Local and Regional Foods; and Beginning, Socially Disadvantaged, and Veteran Farmers and Rancher.

USDA. Economic Research Service.

Reports and data on the efficiency, effectiveness and equity of policies and programs directed toward improving the environmental performance of the agricultural sector.

University of Minnesota Department of Applied Economics. University of Minnesota Libraries. AgEconSearch.

Economics professor Thomas Dobbs describes two alternative visions for U.S. agriculture - "the global competitiveness vision" and the "sustainable agriculture vision" - together with farm policy reform proposals associated with each vision. Economics Commentator (South Dakota State University, 2007) no. 483.